Always a shining light and bringing the light out of others!

Douglas Toni

I recommend that Johnny Perez be promoted and or given platforms where he can articulate issues of post-incarceration and human worth… That he be supported in his efforts to speak truth to the darkness od sleeping minds and spirits

Thabbit Iddin

Johnny Perez For Mayor Everyone ! Not up For Discussion

Damian Stapleton

An inspiring leader. Riveting speaker.

Chandra Bozelko

Mr Perez is a star within himself… So that makes 6 stars not 5!

Warren Stowe

Determined, concise, respectful, attentive, he’s a welcomed change, for the vast opportunity, surely that’s conveyed, once I’ve met him, hasn’t changed since.

Ronald Jackson

This brother is doing the work. On the ground pushing forward! Salutes to you for your hard work and dedication.

Burgos Jose Puro

Beautiful!! Blessings

You are the voice


Jess Perez Sanchez

Johnny is doing great things to bring about change!

Elizabeth Locke

Power: the ability to act influence and lead… He is the evidence of change the thinking change the behavior and the example of Paradigm shift!

Ronald Stratton